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Bahamas Vacations - Abaco is Closer Than You Think

Bahamas Vacations - Abaco is Closer Than You Think

Author: Morgan Engle

Nowadays, Caribbean destinations are becoming more and more of a viable option for vacationers. The Bahamas is an excellent example of this, as the nation consists of 700 islands, and is conveniently located less than 200 miles off of Florida's East coast. The Bahamas are tailored towards tourism, so its islands are friendly and very accommodating.

Abaco, which is located in the Northeastern corner of the Bahamas, offers much more than other islands with its diverse cays and welcoming people. Wherever you go in Abaco, you will find something new and interesting. Each island is unique, and hopping from one island to another is very popular.

Recently, the islands have become more accessible due to the mini boom in the amount of air carriers serving the area. Most travelers reach Abaco via Florida, which they arrive to on larger commercial airliners. Airports in Florida, from as South as Key West and North up to Jacksonville, offer flights to Abaco. Marsh Harbour International (MHH) and Treasure Cay (TCB) are the two major airports in Abaco. Marsh Harbour is considered the main airport, because of its central location. Depending on location, weather, and aircraft, flight times will vary from 30 to 90 minutes.

A few things to consider when flying to Abaco are that the airplanes are generally smaller, so pack light. This means bring only what you need, and keep baggage weight to a minimum, as many of the airlines have strict weight restrictions (usually 30 to 40lbs per passenger). Also, it is recommended that you pack an extra set of clothes in your carry-on in the event your bag gets misplaced or left behind due to weight limitations. This ensures that you will have a change of clothing, no matter what. If your bag gets lost or left behind for any reason, contact you airline and, in most cases, it will be sent over on the next available flight and directed your way. Do not let this scare you, as it is general knowledge and common sense to an island traveler.

You will find the short jump to Abaco very enjoyable as you fly over islands, and clear blue waters. It is very exciting to see what is in store for you before you land. The Abacos are a true paradise, and quite different from most other Caribbean destinations. The islands are equipped with all of the modern conveniences of home, but the pace is slower than that of the mainland, and the locals have a more relaxed mind set. Although this may take a day or two to get used to, don't sweat it. You are on vacation, so slow down and take it all in.

Abaco is still considered a secret destination because it is less traveled, but it is not hard to make arrangements to get there. Airfare can be purchased online, or through your local travel agent. Abaco really stands out as one of the best places to visit in the Bahamas, so with this vacation destination within reach, it is time to start planning!

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Discover the Out Islands of the Bahamas, and start planning your vacation today. To learn more about Abaco, including How to Get Here, Where to Stay, Getting Around, and Things to Do, visit Hope Town, Elbow Cay and Great Guana Cay in the Abacos.

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