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Royal Palace – Symbol of the Kingdom of Cambodia

Royal Palace – Symbol of the Kingdom of Cambodia

Author: Naveen Marasinghe

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The Royal palace was built over hundred years as a means of serving the king, his family and other foreign dignitaries of Cambodia. The three main compounds of Royal Palace which are divided by walls are named as the Silver Pagoda, Khemarin Palace and Throne Hall. The total area of the palace covers an area of 174,870 square metres.

The primary audience hall of the King, The Throne Hall is utilized for official meeting, diplomatic meetings and coronations. It was the second building to be built in this complex. Sometimes called the 'Moonlight Pavilion' The Chanchhaya Pavilion, is the place of the royal dancers and the place to hold state and royal banquets. Hor Samran Phirun is considered as the royal rest house and waiting area of the king. Hor Samrith Phimean houses a display of royal ceremonial objects and costumes on the ground floor.

Amongst the Khmer-style buildings stands alone the Napoleon III Pavilion which looks like a European style building serving as the place that houses the royal memorabilia. Used for royal meetings and receptions is the Phochani Pavilion which was built in 1912. The Damnak Chan which was constructed in 1953 is the venue for all the administrative offices; however this place is closed to the public.

Within the same large compound of the palace lies the 'Silver Pagoda' which was named after the solid silver floor tiles that decorate building of the temple. The Silver Pagoda complex consists of the temple Wat Preah Keo Morokat and other structures such as a library, shrines stupas, monuments, minor buildings and the other galleries. The general public has the opportunity of visiting most of the other places in this complex except the area of the actual Royal residence, the Khemarin Palace. Any visitor of the Royal Palace can find accommodation in any Phnom Penh Hotel such as Raffles Phnom Penh .

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